Why Choose BandSec for your Events?

13 Good Positive Reasons

• What we say we do, we do

• All of our staff are fully trained, competent and over 21

• If you require 100 stewards, you get 100 stewards

• Our staff are always smartly turned out at Events

• Our staff are public friendly, informative and diplomatic in their approach

• None of our staff work more than 12hr shifts per day on Events

• Our staff and stewards are co-operative and helpful towards Event Organisers and Promoters

• Our staff and stewards are fully insured

• Our staff and stewards are paid a reasonable and realistic wage

• As a company we never overstretch our resources

• We value our Clients on a long-term basis

• Our staff and management will look after your business interests

• Our Company philosophy and practice is to lead by example, from directors to stewards we all work as one team

"We're not just another Security company in bright yellow coats"


A Client using our services at their Events will give them peace of mind in the knowledge that their Event is being looked after by a company whose staff and management genuinely care about providing a safe and ambient environment in which paying members of the public, guests, patrons and performers alike can infuse together and make an Event a memorable occasion.

It is of vital importance that the Stewarding / Security staff reflect a positive friendly attitude at all times towards patrons attending an Event, in particular at the points of entry where first impressions count. Stewards with a positive friendly attitude in their approach will undoubtedly set the right mood for patrons to enjoy themselves inside the Event.

Through our Positive Training  Programme we encourage and motivate our staff to be interactive and responsive towards all patrons. 

Treating people as they would like to be treated themselves.

Reminding them that

Politeness and Manners Costs nothing in this World

 Rudeness and ignorance Does

Regardless of the location of your Event albeit paying or non-paying, you can be assured that the patrons enjoyment, welfare & safety are in good hands when using our services to cover your Events

All Clients are assured of a first class, professional expedient service with the emphasis being placed on providing a good working relationship with not only the Client management team but with the members of the public, guests and VIP’s who attend Events, Parties & Functions where we are employed.

If you require a professional, reliable & fully confidential security service to look after your security requirements from a company who only employ fully trained, presentable, communicative staff with the emphasis on Customer Care & Client Satisfaction then contact BandSec on-:


Contact BandSec on

e-mail: info@bandsec.com

"We're not just another security company in bright yellow coats"