What Can BandSec

 Offer You As A Prospective Client?

A total commitment to provide you with fully trained, experienced and competent staff to carry out your requirements

The most cost effective method to suit your requirements and budget without compromising the quality of the services we are offering to you

A high level Customer care plan including regular contacts between your representatives and our management team  leading up to and during your assignment

After your initial enquiry a mutual appointment will be arranged to discuss your requirements, we will then submit to you within 48hrs, a comprehensive written proposal outlining our discussions regarding  the details of your assignment along with a fixed price rate for carrying out your requirements

A genuine personal service, never forgetting that your custom is of paramount importance to our company at all times

Peace of mind in the knowledge that your business interests are being looked after by people who really do care about their Clients

If required at the outset of any Client instructions our company along with the individual employees assigned to your project can swear and sign an undertaking in the form of a Confidential Non-Disclosure Covenant at no extra cost to the Client.


If you require a professional, reliable & fully confidential security service to look after your security requirements from a company who only employ fully trained, presentable, communicative staff with the emphasis on Customer Care & Client Satisfaction then contact BandSec on-:

e-mail: info@bandsec.com

"We're not just another security company in bright yellow coats"