If not adequately covered, controlled or budgeted for, the amount of potential revenue lost to “bootleggers” or counterfeiters selling inferior, fake, cheaper merchandise to your Client base inside and outside events, can be calculated in thousands of £ $ in lost sales.

The majority of venue owned concessionaires in the main are not interested in this escalating problem, even though these counterfeiters trespass and encroach on venue owned property to sell their inferior un-licensed goods at your expense, either way, concessionaires get their % with little or no risk or any contribution to the licensee or copyright holder, so why should they care?

Since 1987 we have deployed on many UK and European tours and events, notably the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, U2, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, W.W.F, Oasis, to mention but a few, to curtail, close down and disrupt counterfeit sales in and around venues.

Giving you the licensee a single market to sell your merchandise to your Client base.

By using our services your per heads and % projections will notably rise.

"During our eight years of working with BandSec we have found their service to be of an utmost professional manner and their staff and management to be reliable, hardworking, honest, trustworthy, ethical and extremely loyal"

Gerry Barad.  Snr V.P. - B.C.L, Europe (30th May 1998)

If you want your copyright and license protected and are fed up with the same lame excuses offered from concessionaires and So called Merchandise Security  in connection with “bootleggers”, then contact Bandsec

We don’t give excuses, we get proven results.



"We're not just another security company in bright yellow coats"