Personal Protection

The close quarter protection of Celebrities and Artistes has very different operational disciplines to that of Executives and other VIPís, although the aims, objectives the confidentiality aspects along with professional attitudes and expertise of the protection officer are exactly the same

The risk factors involved in protecting Celebrities / Artists i.e.  recording artistes are more vulnerable to indirect risks  more than direct risks, i.e. negative publicity media and paparazzi harassment, these threats being more harmful and disruptive to their careers than physically and psychologically harmful to their well being

(Although the weirdo, the ex-lover and the stalker as well as some over zealous fans present a different remedy and positive course of action for the protection officer assigned)

All of our protection officers that are  assigned to work with artistes and celebrities have an unrivalled understanding of this very high profile industry. They know the idiosyncrasies, the pressures and the unique problems that can arise whilst on a concert tour, at a film premier, book signings or a film set. They use tact and diplomacy when confronted by members of the media and always know their place when walking out and escorting their principal, never getting over familiar or blasť, never getting photogenic or starstruck, or wanting to be the fifth member of a band, 

(no names mentioned

Our staff are only seen and heard when the situation demands one or both actions

Since 1985 we have been employed by many management companies, record companies, film studios, sporting organisations etc... to carry out this specialised service

"I must say that your guys were extremely good natured and smart (instead of that hint of prison camp guard you occasionally get from some security firms)"

B. Eno - Opal Ltd, London (6th October 1994)

With over twenty years experience in the industry you can totally rely and trust our company to look after your business interests and the interests, welfare and safety of your Artistes, Bands & VIP's


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